Best Vintage Clothing Websites in 2022

The interest in vintage clothing has increased, but sometimes it’s hard to find good clothes that meet our style or expectations. Luckily there are a few platforms where private sellers can sell their clothes. It makes your search for pre-owned vintage clothing a lot easier. This blog is a quick guide for vintage clothing that helps you find your favorite vintage pieces.  


Depop is a company based in London and has reached an extensive range of vintage lovers and people who would like to sell their clothes. If you’re a seller, it is an excellent way to sell your new or worn clothes you won’t wear anymore without having to throw them away. It’s also easier to separate from your clothes when cleaning your wardrobe. 

Since many people sell every type of clothing, you can just search for what you’re looking for, but if you don’t know exactly what you want, it’s not a problem – the platform has different categories to help you out. 

On Depop, you can find different clothing from different decades – from the 80s to the 90s or even the 2000s. 


Vinted is a platform just like Depop for second-hand and vintage clothing. The main platform is called “Kleiderkreisel” and was firstly founded in Lithuania. This platform also consists of private sellers. It is hard to differentiate both platforms but vinted has more brand clothing, so if you would rather want to buy second-hand brand items, it’s easier to find clothes to your liking. But if you ask me, I would visit both platforms because maybe you’ll find something on one website but not on the other. 

Asos Marketplace 

Asos marketplace, based in London, is an excellent place to become bigger with a second-hand startup store. They have more rules for selling than Vinted and Depop – the pictures need to be presented on models, and you have to pay 25% off the sale. Usually, the prices for the clothes are more expensive than the products on the other platforms, but they’re also worth it since they mostly sell true vintage rather than modern second-hand clothing. Overall, the quality, the products, and the descriptions are on point, so I would deeply recommend Asos Marketplace for real vintage street style lovers. 


Etsy is not only a platform for clothes but for everything. Accessories, decoration, jewelry… anything that comes to your mind. It’s just like Amazon but for private people who love to show and sell their creative products. Just like the variety of the different products being sold there, you can buy a wide variety of vintage clothing. 

It is not very different from Depop, but the prices are pretty expensive here. If you’re looking for sellers near you, you have to categorize the country first since it doesn’t adjust automatically like the others. Etsy is very well-known nowadays and has become popular really quickly, which also means that there are a lot of varieties to make you find a cool vintage piece. 

Vestiare Collective 

If you’re not into the street style vintage scene but would like to find pre-owned designer clothing, Vestiaire Collective is the right fit for you. They only sell designer brands, whether it’s clothing, bags, shoes, or accessories. The platform was founded in 2009 in France with the mindset to transform the fashion industry into a sustainable place. With a huge amount of clothing coming online, they satisfy their customers with new brands and clothes each day. 


Grailed also counts as a designer second-hand clothing platform like Vestiaire Collective. Still, it is only for men, and they do not sell only big brands like Gucci or Prada but also new street style brands, for instance, Off White, Heron Preston, or even smaller brands. You can also find true vintage clothing for fair prices if you’re not into designer brands. The clothing style goes in the direction of street style, but I’m sure you can also find some clothing with another style category like the classic look. 

The RealReal

The RealReal is another platform that sells vintage clothing from private sellers, but the items are not categorized in one prize range. Indeed, you can find brands from Nike and Adidas to Burberry or Dolce & Gabbana. They have a huge amount of clothing to shop for, so if you want to find an excellent second-hand piece, it’s a good place to search. If you’re looking for true vintage clothing, you’ll probably not find it there because their focus lies more in the classic look than street style. 


As we all know, many products are sold on the eBay platform - also vintage clothing. If you know what you’re searching for specifically, it is easier to find what you want, but otherwise, the platform doesn’t have a category for vintage clothing itself. So, only search on eBay when you know what you’re looking for. There might be the problem that the product might not be genuine. That means to look at the tag since it shows if the product is vintage or not. If there’s no picture of the tag, I would request the seller to send one to be sure.


A cheaper alternative to the other platforms is ThreadUp. They sell second-hand clothing at very fair prices. The platform only offers clothing and accessories for women and also has a premium designer category. They have a huge selection of classic clothes, but if you’re more of a street style kind of person or someone who likes to wear 70s/80s, this platform may not meet your expectations. 

Vintage & Rags

Last but not least, our online shop, Vintage & Rags, also sells second-hand and vintage clothing for both men and women. In 2017 after the vintage clothing shop, the online store was created by the 2nd generation. The shops have a huge amount of second-hand clothing for every kind of clothing style, but the online shop rather has the focus on the vintage street style scene. So, if you’re more of a sporty person, this online shop would be a right fit for you. 

Some of the clothes seem to be quite too expensive for second-hand, but it’s because the clothes are from the 80s/90s, which means they’re not only good in quality but also very rare.  

I hope this list of vintage platforms and online shops helped you make your search for second-hand clothing easier. It’s a great way to begin with, and after a while, you may even find your favorite one!




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