Holiday Fashion Wishlist

You're lying in bed, the raindrops are pattering against the window panes outside and all you want is to pack your things and go on vacation. But with what clothes? You're looking in the closet and only see dark clothes intended for winter. It may be time to start shopping for vacation clothes again, but where do you start? 

This list should help you to be slowly prepared for the sunny days - even if it seems a bit far away at this time. 
It's important to know for yourself what style you want to embody and what you're comfortable with. 
If you're dying to wear black but blogs or magazines tell you yellow is THE color of the year - just wear black if it makes you feel good. You know what suits you best and as soon as you feel comfortable, nobody can get past you. 

If you also want to try something new and you want to get a taste of vintage fashion, then you've come to the right place. 


1. Party & Hawaii Shirts 

I've always been a huge fan of Party & Hawaii Shirts - why? You can style it anyway you like and it just looks amazing! Whether you wear a T-Shirt underneath (or nothing at all), whether you wear the colors to match or not: you have two distinct vibes: supercool and holiday ready (if that's even a word). There are over hundreds of variations of colors and patterns so you can just go according to your taste. 



2. T-Shirts 


who would've thought? Fingers up. 

T-Shirts are actually our best-selling items in the summer. They are practical, airy and you can style them in any way. Suitable, oversize, with or without prints and and and. 
If you ask about my opinion I really like white or grey T-Shirts with a cool vintage print. 
Here for a demonstration: 

Vintage NFL Green Bay Packers T-Shirt (XL) - Vintage & Rags

All you have to do is to wear shorts and your outfit is complete. 
If you want to break down T-Shirts even further, you can simply search for categories that reflect you like: University, Band, Sports, etc. 


3. Cotton / Linen Shirts 

Shirts (short or long sleeve) are good for a more classic look when pursuing an elegant aesthetic. Chino trousers and cool sunglasses would go well with it. 
This look was trendy in 2022 and will continue to be so in the summer 2023, because you can clearly see the vintage flair here. 
The 70s is slowly becoming popular with both men and women, which is why retro clothing is being produced more and more. 



4. Jerseys 


Are you more of a sporty type and like the 90's? Then I wonder if you have ever considered adding jerseys to your clothing wardrobe. 
Depending on what you're a fan of (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) all jerseys look very good as part of an outfit. 
Again, you can combine it with a long shirt or if it's a bit colder outside, with a hoodie. 



5. Vests 

This is now for those who would die for the 70's. Vests were a big thing for 70's outfits. Whether you want to wear a T-Shirt underneath (or not), it both looks very good. 
If you want to take the aesthetic even further, you need the right jewelry and accessories. Long chains, 70's glasses are completely sufficient in this case. 



6. Dresses 

who doesn't love to wear dresses in summer? Short, long, it doesn't matter. Vintage dresses are often a bit too customey, so if you want to go a little more minimalistic but still want to keep the vintage flair, there are plenty of retro dresses these days that were inspired from the 50's to the 90's. Many thrift and vintage stores still have a large selection of different dresses that you could wear in everyday life. 
Here are some dresses for inspiration: 



6. Long Skirts 


Similar to long dresses - skirts have many advantages on vacation: they are airy, look good and give you a mediterranean look. Again, all colors are welcome and you can combine them well with short / crop tops. 





The list ends here, but the possibilities still go on! 
If this blog has inspired you in any way, I'm glad to hear it. 
Have fun on vacation and don't forget your sunscreen!


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