How to Find Your Vintage Style

You realized, you’re interested in buying vintage clothing but don’t know what to look out for and especially where? 

It’s gotten way more difficult to find out your personal style nowadays. Especially when you see many different ways on how to style or wear specific clothing items on the internet. This blog is a helpful way to get one step closer to your personal style – you'll learn some tipps and tricks on how to wear the clothes that fit your visualizations best.  



  1. Visualize Your Style 


The most important step for literally anything is Visualisation. Because only then you can make it happen. What is the style called that you’re interested in? Is there a specific name for it like: grunge, 70’s classic, 80’s, 90’s, sportswear, vintage streetstyle, etc.  
Just think of what name could fit and then do your research. The best place for researching and visualizing is Pinterest. You could just pin down any picture you like and there are tons of images that could bring you closer to your personal favorite style. If you have different styles in mind, just open a pin board for each style for differentiating. 


 2. Find Your Spots  


After you’ve visualized the style you want to have, it’s important to know where to look for it. Are there any local vintage stores? Online stores? If so, which one sells the exact same style the most? If you’ve found it, then you’re already one step closer to turn your wardrobe into your dream closet! Most importantly, do not buy things you wouldn’t wear often – we don’t want to buy unnessecary stuff and want to keep it as sustainable as possible. That’s why the first point is very important.  


 3. Turn it The Way You Want to Wear it  


After you went to the shops, started looking and got excited for the clothes, think of how you would like to wear it the way you’d feel comfortable. It could happen that the style might look good in pictures but not in real life. If that’s the case, just take a look on the items and do your research again. look how they styled their clothing. Do they wear oversize? Are there any layers like vests, blouses, dresses, shirts? Try to find clothing you could combine as an outfit because that’s usually the key. Never go for only one piece. Imagine how it would look like with your other clothes or the ones on your wishlist.  
As an inspiration, follow people who also have the same style as yours. Sometimes they have some ideas in their sleeve on how to make an outfit more expressionable.  



 4. Don’t Forget The Accessories 


The Accessories are just as neccessary as the clothing itself. Sometime we like to overlook them but it really makes a big difference for the big picture. Do you like wearing earrings, rings, necklaces? Find an accessory which you’d like to wear on a daily basis and also enhances your style. 



  5. Go For The Hunt  


Now you know what you want and where you can find it, great! Then it’s time to go for the clothing you’ve dreamed of. Then you have more clothing in your wardrobe, you’re excited to wear the next day!  


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