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The vintage fashion has not only become famous because of the environmental problem recognition. Many famous actors and other stars have contributed a lot by wearing vintage clothes in everyday life or as gala garments. Numerous articles report on the new outfits and highlights of the stars, and they inspire us. Some new stars wearing popular vintage items and celebrities from the last decades are featured here because it's not just today's celebrities who enjoy vintage fashion. This blog will be a guide to vintage clothing and showcasing stars. 

Bella Hadid

It is not new that Bella Hadid always dresses stylishly and the latest trends. Bella's look differs from sporty to chic and elegant. 
In the first picture, she's wearing a corsage top with cargo pants. It sounds like the two wouldn't go together when you first hear that combination, but she combined both items just right. Inspired by the 90s: the second picture shows a typical outfit that came straight out of the 90s. 
A white turtleneck top with a vintage leather jacket. To complete the outfit, the bleached jeans she's wearing by Vivien Westwood from the 1992 collection cannot be missed as the slim sunglasses. 



Zendaya's love of vintage is hard to miss. In addition to the everyday outfits, she also shooted with vintage clothes with the 70s look. If that's not enough, she takes everyone's breath away with her classic modern vintage dresses at the galas – it is just made for her.
The 70s inspired both outfits she's wearing above. Small T-Shirts and wider jeans, and the voluminous hair or the glasses are just essential for a genuine 70s look. 


For the premiere for the second season of Euphoria, Zendaya wowed many people with her 1992 Valentino dress on the right. Not only then did she wear a vintage dress but also, at the 2022 NAACP Imagine Awards, she wore the stunning 1956 Balmain Coutoure dress.
These were just a few of the many vintage dresses that Zendaya has worn. The French fashion house founded by Pierre Balmain also said that Zendaya embodied the mid-century romance. 

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber wears sporty clothes in her day-to-day life, which she styles very well with vintage sweatshirts, jerseys, t-shirts, and jeans.

In addition to her street style look, she's also wearing a vintage Vivien Westwood jeans outfit. 

The trick for a cool vintage street style outfit is to mix large with small. If your top is big, it's better to wear tighter jeans or like Hailey hot pants. If your top is small, a wider pair of jeans would fit perfectly. This contrast gives you a stylish look right away. You can find these types of vintage clothing quite easy in a vintage clothing shop, so being inspired by her looks is a great start.



Besides her designer outfits, Rihanna is also seen often with vintage T-Shirts. Her love for black T-Shirts is hard to miss. She's wearing an oversized leather jacket over her vintage 1978 Rolling Stones T-Shirt, underlining her vintage outfit. The same outfit structure is seen in the next picture while she's wearing a vintage Princess Diana T-Shirt with a vintage leather jacket but in another style this time. 


Kendall Jenner

You can also see that Kendall Jenner prefers vintage fashion in her everyday life by wearing a lot of its pieces. Whether it's the 70s looks of the 90s hip hop scene, Kendall Jenner wears both casually and stylish. In the first two pictures, the t-shirts highlight the vintage outfit. Jeans that aren't too wide, but don't count as skinny jeans either, go perfectly with the 70s look. The images below are more of a 90s style – hip hop and band t-shirts were part of the scene. Kendall also combined this look with hot pants and wide jeans.



Johnny Depp

Now we've come to the vintage celebrities. Johnny Depp was one of those handsome movie stars who, to this day, is admired by vintage lovers with his earlier style. Leather jackets or flannel shirts were common for him, just as party shirts. Nowadays, he's more likely to wear patterned shirts with vests. 




Brad Pitt

Just like Johnny Depp, Bratt Pitt influenced many young people with his earlier look – no wonder. He always made a casual and cool impression with his sunglasses, vintage shirts, and leather jackets. 

He also didn't keep his hands off party shirts and kept his hair long, which gave him an even more 90s surfer look.


Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford embodies all 90s looks, both sporty and elegant. Next to the typical turtleneck with a leather jacket, she also knows how to wear college jackets just right to make her look fabulous. In addition to her elegant red dress, she doesn't even have to wear anything eye-catching to radiate the 90s look – a white top with vintage hot pant jeans is enough.  


Leonardo DiCaprio

The young Leonardo DiCaprio embodied the sporty look of the 90s by wearing a grandpa sweater and white t-shirts. It sounds one-sided at first, but if you take a look at the outfits, it's exactly the 90s look you imagine. But leather and denim jackets or party shirts can't be missed either, which also pepped up his style immediately.


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, well known from the movie "Pretty Woman," was also a style icon in the 90s. Her beautiful voluminous curls emphasized the cheerful nature of the actress. Her look is more classic than the street-style look that was described at the beginning worn by celebrities nowadays. 
Turtlenecks, striped t-shirts, and blazers belonged in her everyday wardrobe.


These were the biggest stars wearing vintage clothing today and those who embodied them in the past, inspiring today's generations. But not only the styles can be inspired nowadays, but also make-up and hair from earlier decades by vintage celebrities. For instance, the curtain bangs were originally known by Brigitte Bardot in the 60s, but also because of the new series "Pam and Tommy," the signature make-up look by Pamela Anderson has become very trendy.

Series and films that play in the past also belong to the outfit idea collection of vintage lovers as the

Netflix Series "The Serpent" since it's playing in the 70s. For instance, the halter neck jumper worn by Jenna Coleman was often searched for on the internet.

Getting encouraged by celebrities to wear vintage clothes is a great place to start looking for cool vintage outfits. You can create a mood board of how you want to design your looks. If your taste goes in all directions, then there is no need to panic – always wear different things like Bella Hadid. As long as you're happy and comfortable in your clothes, there should be nothing to stop you. 

Finding men's vintage clothing is a bit easier as many vintage shops stock 90s clothing for men. You can find all kinds of sweaters, jackets, vests, etc. For women, on the other hand, it's very often only a selection of outdated blouses or dresses, so you have to check out where exactly to look for vintage pieces.




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